Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Add the document path and file name

Insert the document file name and path
Another common need in document headers or footers is to include the file name for the document and the path to its location. To insert this information, you once again use fields. Don't worry, no special training in fields is required.
First, position the insertion point where you want the file name and path to go. Then follow these simple steps:
Callout 1 In the Insert group, click Quick Parts, and click Field.
Callout 2 In the Field dialog box, under Field names, click FileName (you may have to scroll).
Callout 3 Click the Add path to filename check box to select that option.
The FileName field gives you a way to automatically update the path if you have moved the document. You'll see how.
Caution     Be careful about the information you expose when including a path for your file. For example, you may not want a path on your company's internal network displayed

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