Saturday, March 31, 2012

Astro-Vision (Know your Future)

Prepare Free Horoscope in Multiple Languages(ജാതകം എഴുതൂ )
Astro-Vision Lifesign Mini free indian astrology software is available in multiple languages - English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada. Download this Free Astrology Software right now !

Prepare Free Horoscope in various chart styles
Astro-Vision Lifesign Horoscope Free Download also provides you a choice of chart formats, like, North Indian, South Indian, Bengali and Kerala chart styles. This means you can generate Free horoscope reports from Astro-Vision LifeSign Free Software according to your individual requirement.
 Large Database of Cities
Includes a large database of cities from all over the world. So, you don’t need to enter latitude, longitude and time zones of major cities. Additional cities can also be added, making the list of cities fully customizable. It makes the task of preparing a Free horoscope easier.
 Ayanamsa Options
Various ayanamsa settings are included in this Free Indian Astrology Software, such as Chitra Paksha ayanamsa or Lahiri ayanamsa, Raman ayanamsa, Krishnamurthy ayanamsa and Thirukanitham ayanamsa.
Panchanga Predictions:
 Astro-Vision Lifesign Mini free indian astrology software includes Panchanga predictions based on the weekday, predictions based on the birth star, predictions based on the thithi, i.e lunar day, predictions based on the karana and predictions based on the NithyaYoga. Download this Free Astrology Software right now.

Bhava Predictions:
This Free astrology software gives detailed Bhava predictions based on the influence of planets on your character and life. Predictions in this free Astrology Software covers analysis of the first house, for predictions on personality, physical structure, status.

Predictions based on the Effect of Dasa/Apahara:
 LifeSign Mini free horoscope software gives a brief prediction based on the effect of the current Dasa and Apahara.
 Calculation of Birth star and associated star qualities.
 LifeSign Free Astrology Software Calculates the birth star and also provides the entire list of associated star qualities.

Austrovision Mini (Download)
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