Wednesday, October 23, 2013

increase your broadband speed

Here’s a simple 3 minute tweak (XP Pro only) that will increase your broadband speed.
By default (even with QoS disabled) Windows XP reserves up to 20 percent of your connections bandwidth. To override this reserve take the following steps.
Make sure you Log on as Administrator, not as a user with Administrator privileges
How To Increase Your Broadband Speed
How To Increase Your Broadband Speed
* Start-> Run-> type gpedit.msc
* You will see [Local Computer Policy]
* Expand the [Administrative Templates] branch
* Expand the [Network] branch
* Highlight [QoS Packet Scheduler]
* Double-click [Limit Reservable Bandwidth]
* Check [Enabled]
* Change [Bandwidth limit %] to 0 %
* Click [Apply] [OK]
* Restart
Effect is immediate

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