Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Control the Music and Film with Hand Movement in your Laptop

Now you can control your music and movies only with hand gestures aja. All you need is a computer or laptop cuman operating system Windows 7 (Mac also can), has a webcam, and install a free software called Flutter.
With mengintall Flutter, you can control the media player software with hand gestures. Move your hand in webcam and media player will play / pause by itself.
flutterapp free download

The benefit?

1. You can play / pause music and videos remotely.
Usually nih PG often enjoy DVDs or music on the computer while lying down, while the computer is a bit far away.Lazy dong must stand up and lie down again just for play or pause media player. With this Flutter, just waving it and all will be fine.
2. You can play / pause music and videos quickly.
When doing multiple tasks or projects, of course, there are many open window on the computer. While media playernya up buried somewhere. With this Flutter, you can play / pause media player without having to look for Window media player buried somewhere.
3. Cool
Yep .. hell cool aja ya can control the media player via hand gestures. This is still a new technology today. PreviousGoogle Chrome also implement this technology in their browser. Flutter probably also inspired by Google Chrome?Or it could be inspired from Microsoft that is developing a tool for controlling a computer with hand gestures .

The trick?

In order to control the media player with a wave, you only need to download Flutter here:
After that, simply install on your computer Windows 7 or Mac OS you. After that Flutter ready for action. Various applications popular media players such as iTunes, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, VLC, etc. are fully supported by this Flutter.

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