Sunday, April 22, 2012

Protect Photos with Text Watermark Online

Hey readers, Today I will teach you that how do you can Protect your Photos with Text Watermark from robbers. The website that I’m showing you in next few moments is very fast, easy and secure. You can watermark minimum 5 images a time in free service. You can Watermark Unlimited photos in the Premium service. The website have good features like. Watermark Text Positions on image. Watermark Text Style and much more.
 How do, I Protect my Photos with Text Watermark Online ?
1. Go to
2. Select 5 photos from your Computer and click OK! Go to Step2
3. Type your Watermark Text in the Text to Display box. Select watermark position under the Watermark align. click Continue Button that showing under the right side image.
5. There 4 ways to get your watermarked images. you can select anyone from them and get your photos.
 Why we need to add Watermark ?
Because in the present time every internet user have his own blog. So if he/she like your post then he/she will try to copy or steal your content and paste into his/her blog. If you using watermark in your photos then the stealer dissapoint to see your Screenshots. and leave your webpage. Supposedly even he/she copy your content and paste into his/her website then when his visitors saw your site watermark in the pictures and visit your website for checking original content.

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