Monday, July 25, 2011

Edit Saved Password in Firefox

The ability to save username and passwords and auto fill them  on the login time makes Firefox a much comfortable browser even other browsers like Internet Explorer and Google chrome has the same features. Yes, Firefox doing it almost perfect. You can disable this feature from Tools > Options and clicking security tab and uncheck the 'Remember password for sites'. Checkout the screen shot.. hope you're updated to firefox 4

Now, I'm gonna move on to the subject. How to edit these saved passwords? By thinking straight, you can log out the desired site and put your new password and save it when prompted. But What about a bunch of sites? It seems quite hard. But a Firefox addon called Saved Password Editor will give you the ability to edit stored passwords in Firefox.

Steps to edit a password using SPE

  • Download and install Saved Password Editor , restart Firefox.
  •  Click  Tools > saved passwords
  • You'll get a window where you can view the sites and passwords for each. for security the passwords are hided but you can show them by hitting show passwords button. 
  • Then simply right click on each entry then press edit.
  • hope you can edit your login details now

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