Thursday, June 16, 2011


1)" The cause of today is the effect of the past and the cause for the future"

2) "When a man has begun to be ashamed of his ancestors, the end has come"

3)"Experience is the  only teacher"

4) "Every duty is holy and devotion to duty is the highest from of the worship of God"

5)"He alone is a sinner who sees a sinner in another man"

6)" If you want to help others, your little self must go"

7) " My method of work is to construct and not pull down"

8) "East or West, Home is best"

9) " Dirt cannot wash dirt, hate cannot cure hate"

10) "Let us blame none, let us blame our own Karma"

11) "Slave wants power to make slaves"

12) "One ounce of practice is worth twenty thousand tons of big talk"

13) "He who struggles is better than he who never attempts"

14) "Every great achievement is done slowly"

15) "He who adjusts himself best lives the longest"

16) "He who is overcautious about himself falls into dangers at every step"

17) "No man should be judged by his defects"

18) "Go to hell yourself to buy salvation for others"

19) "Real education is that which enables one to stand on his own legs

20)"The real evil is idleness, which is the principal cause of our povery"

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